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  • "You'll never be that guy again" that guy? You mean the weak, pathetic excuse for a guy that never hung with his friends, never did anything else other than spend all of my time with you... Never did anything but make you the centre of my world and try to treat you like a princess.. But what did you do? You tried your hardest to rip out my heart when I had helped you so much, all of your anger was so easily aimed at me and me only, wasn't I lucky! You tried so hard to rip out my heart but you just couldn't, I still loved you so much, but you did manage to rip and tear at everything else. So, in the end.. I had to rip out my own heart to stop myself from loving you.. And that's why I'm not 'that guy'. That's why I'm an asshole and hate myself as well as 90% of everybody else ever. All I want to do is rip at myself and everybody else around me.. Like you showed me how to.

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